What can Hearts That Care do for my school, organization or business?

Anti-Bullying/Kindness Campaign

Positive Peer Relations Training

Team-Building Education

Resilience Education

Strategic Planning, Program, & Policy Development

What can Hearts That Care do for my community?

Motivational Speaking


What can Hearts That Care do for me?

One-on-One Life and Empowerment Coaching

Group Coaching Sessions

Live On-line Classes

Self-Paced Empowerment Training

Anti-Bullying/Kindness Campaign

The Anti-bullying/Kindness Campaign includes an assessment of the learning or work environment to use before and after the campaign, consultation with your staff, and a curriculum that can be tailored to your needs to construct a work and learning community that promotes respect, kindness, and compassion within your school, organization or business.

Positive Peer Relations Training and/or Team-Building Education

Instruction filled with hands-on activities will give participants practical tools and strategies that they can use to foster mutual respect, encourage positive-peer relations and construct productive teams in the organization, school or classroom.

Resilience Education

Instruction will be provided with tools that participants can take with them to practice the principles of intuition, balance, choice, connection and attraction to promote resilience and self-confidence.

Strategic Planning, Program and Policy Development

Organizations will be guided on how to plan strategically and develop a program and policy to promote a positive climate and respectful work/school environment

Motivational Speaking / Workshops

Presentations and engaging activities will be tailored to the needs of your audience to inspire enthusiasm among the participants to promote kindness, creativity, foster resilience and build positive peer relations.

One-on-One Life and Empowerment Coaching / Group Coaching Sessions

Clients will be guided to reach their personal and professional goals using various tools including self-discovery questions and activities, journal writing, using an art journal, time and energy budgeting, ARTbundance™ principles and ARTsignments™. 

Live On-line Classes / Self-Paced Empowerment Training

Various topics will be offered to empower participants in their self-confidence, personal/work relationships, and creativity.