Give Yourself Credit

When is the last time you gave yourself credit for anything you have done? Acknowledging our creative power of the past in a list of our accomplishments, from our first memories to the ever-present now, grants us evidence that we are quite adept at obtaining our greatest desires and dreams. Moreover, as we look back to our past feats, we stir within us a fresh interest and drive to do even more. “You truly have come a long way, baby!”

Let us consider doing this “credit check” daily, not only for our intended actions but also for all the little things we do that go unnoticed from collecting the mail to paying a bill online and doing the dishes. Imagine how great acknowledging every little positive action we do, could feel. Appreciation increases motivation, right?

Now, consider your Wildly Important Goal (WIG), whatever it may be. Envision how great it will feel to appreciate and value every little action step you take toward your WIG. These “credit checks” create positive sparks of energy that fuel our resolve, our enthusiasm, and our momentum to realize our greatest goals.

We are nearing the beginning of a new year, which is a great place and time to review and appraise our dreams and goals. Just take a look back to where you were this time last year and you can see how much you have achieved. At this moment take an inventory of everything you have done in your lifetime. The proof of your power that you have what it takes to succeed is obvious and clear. Compound this with daily “credit checks” and you build momentum, devotion, confidence, and conviction to accomplish your wildest dreams. And, you CAN achieve anything in which you believe.

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